Beauty lies in the street






Damn, no coffee!
She has to go to the kiosk again.
Again this annoying look of mr. know-it-all.
And always these stupid questions.
For supermarket, it is now too far. She has to go through it. Its up to her.
His annoying looks. How did he know? Has he seen her there?
Where are the pants? Its time to go!
Exactly, no skirt, or he asks again if she is coming straight from work.

Keys, money, let’s go. Right, left, road, traffic lights, kiosk.

“Good morning”, he says with a broad grin.
She goes to the shelf and takes the overpriced coffee.
“Well, Madame? Come straight from the service? “He has already said service ...
“No, I ran out of coffee.”, she said, waggling around with the packet.
“Pff, you`re never at your place anyway!”
“Just as much as every working person…”, she answered,
throwing the money on the counter and leaves the kiosk.

Maybe she should have told him, that especially this week
she drinks her coffee at home.
The workstations are used otherwise this week.
Now breakfast first.
Street, traffic lights, right, left. The door is jammed again.

TV on.

Roxanne you don`t have to put on the red light.

Those days are over… For now

  Other objects are trying to offer here now. Moveing through the alleys.
Be tempted by exciting insights.
The red light shows the path.
During the day, still sober, barely recognizable,
but in the evening all objects are in the
right light.
Everything is attractive. Everything makes lust for more. Curiosity.
Other insights as expected in the red light this night.
Each window new, each window differently.
Each window will feel different.

Are the objects touchable? Pay first?
Some customers seems confused, others delighted.
Many are in the red light for the first time.
In the window they flaunt.
Attract and fascinate.
Who are these creatures? 
Who occupies this window?

Behind the stage also a hustle and bustle.
Apparently trying to put the spotlight in the right way.
They stand to their objects, encourage them in their new dresses.
Some day, each one will be in the right light.
Whether newly discovered, unexpectedly changeable, diverse or enlightening.
Each one is on stage now.

The small alley is shining in a new way.
A red, which wasn`t seen like this before.
Walking along and keeping the impressions.
And even for those who present themselves,
the red light remains

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