Beauty lies in the street


Coffee Boxes. designed by Lieke op de Bloom


Coffee Boxes is a stackable seating furniture, which is especially suited for single apartments.
Sudden visitors can be accommodated by the independent use of each telescoped square stool.
Side by side all stools can be added up to a puzzle, that shows a laid coffee table with chairs around.
This graphic is lasered into the surface.

Material:  plywood

Measure: 45x45x45, 41x41x41, 37x37x37, 33x33x33, 29x29x29, 25x25x25




  Wougie designed by Antje Buuren 



The Wougie stool needs only one base to stand. It gets its stability if someone sits down on it.
Your own legs substitute the missing legs of the wougie stool.




 Chestnut designed by Swantje van Reed  



Chestnuts: changeable creatures of your own imagination. Whole families arise. The chestnut allows
many variants. Should you  put it on 3 or 4 legs? Does it have a tail or horns? A wool wrapped object
that every viewer will appear different and special.




 Louis. designed by Misha Loevendie


"Closed to be opened."

For the storing of all the small treasures of unspeakable value, also known as the constant
companions of our everyday life, this so-called Bonheur-du-jour ("daytime delight") forms a return to a
time when the single piece of furniture was long-lasting and its manufacturing of proper estimation.

material: plaster and burlap, cherry wood

measures: L.50 x W.25 x H.90




 Hobo. designed by Pita van Omheind














A shell, hard.
A hole, flexible. strange ...
and then: pink, soft, flowing!

Get it out! Wrap it around you. Sit down on it. Get your friends. Go into the park. Make a picnic.
Wet grass? Plug it back in. The shell is a seat! Take it with. The sun is coming? Throw it over a tree.
Take it as a roof. Hide yourself. Scrunch it up. Take it as a pillow. Hang it on. Try it out!

The shell is made of leather, filled with a 12 square meters large blanket of parachute silk.






Lessenaar. designed by Hilma Jansen




What shall we do with our personal conversations and stories? I am like a small letterbox, a place to
take your time, to read,  to write and make phone calls. Take a seat and enjoy with me all those things,
which are too often done in passing, without any haste.                



 Wabel designed by Anje de Wagemaker 


Is this a table or what is it? It hangs flat on the wall like a picture and can be used as a table.
It`s Wabel a foldable table which can be hang to the wall. Possible it is because of a sliding machanism.
But this is not the only special thing his soft touch is surprising to the user, too.




 Wool Wave designed by Aline van Gherwen 


A scarf, a belt, a shelf. A poetry on the wall. Here is a shelf of a hand-knitted wool which was then
hardened. Wool Wave reminiscent of a band that strechtes along the wall. It can be used as a single
shelf or  create a shelf in the desired length. It can be used as a single shelf or in combination
with several, in order to create a shelf in the desired length.





Tafel Werk No.1 designed by Nika van Norden 


What if you didn`t sit on a chair? What would its use be instead? What could tools be used for if
not for working? Tafel Werk No.1 - the answer to these questions. The idea is that you can create
something new out of used things, giving them a new meaning by playing around, forming a new
context, a new design.




 Shade of Light designed by Lotte de Bruijn


The idea of this lamp is based on the fact that light creates shadows and silouettes. This lamp,
a "shade of light" is turning this fact upside down. A nearly two-dimensional structure standing
in the middle of a room creates light, without casting  its own shadow, by a nearly perfect strip of light.




 Stably designed by Luuk Rogiers 


What is Stably?

Stably is a table made of fibre glass. It plays with visual attraction provoking the viewer by seperating
it from the wall, tightened only by two single steel ropes as well as standing on two legs only.
The dynamic formal language is based on the constructional structure effecting a visual floating
of the table.

measures: 200 x 80 x 70




Lucie designed by Mieke Sneijder


My full name is Lucciola, but all my friends call me Lucie. I am a pendant lamp.
Some say I look like an exotic fruit like pinapple, other see me as a flower or a fir cone.
I am composed of about 1.000 small handmade, folded paper corners made from recycled paper.
I look always attractive, whether hung over a dining table or over a bar- a real eyecatcher.
A beautiful atmosphere will be build through my smoothy lightning.
Whether by direct or diffuse light, and the galanty show a each location.
I can be used to produce individual effects throughout the whole light spectrum.
In next-to-no time, every room appears in a new light.






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