Beauty lies in the street



Claas goes there.
Peter goes there.
Fritz goes there and tells his wife. 

A street, a window, objects.

One looks towards sensitive materials, tender details and attractive structures. Put forward, put on display, present oneself. In an area where usually scantily clad women conduct their business via window displays, twelve Dutch Designers are attempting to bring a totally new approach to ‘putting oneself on display’ with their pieces. ‘To pick something out, to be seduced’ therefore has a totally new meaning. A special place, special people, special items.   This is where young Dutch Designers are presenting their products and furniture. Dutch Design. This does not strictly define the heritage of the designer. Rather, it is a form of expression when developing new pieces, follow ideas and dare to do something new. Dutch Design combines the new with tradition and the well-tried with the never before seen. Dutch Design means daring, play and fun, equally perfection in its very own way…




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