Beauty lies in the street


is an independent collective of twelve young designers, artists and interior architects. Sharing talent, knowledge and interests, Idyll is a strong group of individuals. United by their common vision on design, every single designer profits by the group for exhibition purposes.







Def. Idyll [from Greek eidyllion, little picture]

Usually it describes a picture or state of mind, has an peaceful and quiet impact on the viewer.  The specific idea of „idyll“  is shaped by one’s own personality, due to the moment. Individual images come into existence in one’s head, being difficult to describe or even put into words. Thus every piece of work represented in this exhibiton creates its own atmosphere, arisen from and developed by these personal images of the respective designer.


Common vision

Adherent to the characteristics of Dutch design, this exhibition shows objects and furniture striving for simplicity, conceptual approaches, reinterpretations of traditional methods and materials, as well as pragmatism in combination with a distinctive but subliminal kind of humor. All individual objects come together to be represented in this exciting exhibition, that once found its starting point in the popular red-light district in Amsterdam.










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